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This document will serve as Policy Service Use Internet Domain Registration provided by MiLesDeWeb.

Henceforth we will refer to the person and / or any company that hires the services referred to as the CLIENT MiLesDeWeb. The use of contracted services implies acceptance of each and every one of the conditions listed below.

If CLIENT is also acquiring a hosting service with MiLesDeWeb, then also assumes acceptance of Terms of Use Hosting Service of MiLesDeWeb.


This document is also valid for any period during which the customer is a subscriber to any service offered by MiLesDeWeb.

MiLesDeWeb services can not be used for illegal purposes or in support of illegal activities. MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to cooperate with legal authorities and / or injured third parties in the case of investigation of any crime or tort.

If a customer uses a service of MiLesDeWeb for violating the Terms and Conditions of this document, we reserve the right to terminate your service without notice.

In principle we prefer to advise customers of inappropriate behavior and conduct the necessary corrective action, however, some violations of the "Use Policy" will result in immediate termination of service.


You can order domain via our website, however, only reviewed and Configure the Client's account after receiving the payment for the service (s) and previously analyzed your order / payment in the event of fraud. Customer is responsible for providing a valid email address and that is not the domain you are registering. MiLesDeWeb communicates with the client via e-mail address with which he entered when ordering.


You agree that you are obliged to subscribe to our site as a customer with true information and to subscribe to fraudulent contact information could result in termination of your account.

CLIENT is also responsible to ensure that the e-mail contact is provided as current and updated at all times.

MiLesDeWeb not be liable in any way upon the occurrence of various kinds of trouble because the contact information provided by the Customer obsolete. If you are a customer and need to check or change this information, please contact our sales department.

Data provided by the client are protected. See Data Protection Policy of MiLesDeWeb. 


CLIENT agrees that payment for the services will be made before registration of the domain (s). Likewise, the following payments will be made annually, the client can also register your domain for more than a year, the frequency of a domain is a year (365 days).

In case of default on payment for the renewal of a domain: MiLesDeWeb proceed to discontinue service on the day of expiration, the customer will have a maximum of 10 days after the expiration to renew the domain.

Payment of services is always in advance.

MiLesDeWeb not responsible in any way for any damage that the expiration or revocation of a domain could cause the client or third parties.


MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to deny, suspend or cancel the services contracted by the Customer with or without notice, if the CUSTOMER incurs any conduct or activity that MiLesDeWeb considered abuse or violation of any of the terms, rules and conditions herein, and no responsibility whatsoever for the consequences that may result from this cause.

Since the registration of a domain is an operation of nature "Irreversible" the CLIENT agrees that we MiLesDeWeb NO warranty period or refunds are effective for the Service.


The CLIENT agrees that MiLesDeWeb not be liable in any way the problems of registration for the registration of a domain or process of registering a domain.

The CLIENT agrees that MiLesDeWeb not be liable in any way if requested by the CUSTOMER domain already registered a domain or some other kind of restriction. In this case, the client should perform a new search to ensure the availability of the domain.

The CLIENT agrees that MiLesDeWeb not be liable in any way that the domain requested by the CUSTOMER is rejected by the appropriate regulatory agency.

MiLesDeWeb not be liable in any way whether the delay in payment causes CUSTOMER advance purchase of the domain by another person or company.

MiLesDeWeb not be liable in any way if the CLIENT's delay in changing DNS or ignorance on the use of DNS does not delay the activation of web services. However MiLesDeWeb offered to advise on the use of the domain (s) engaged by the CLIENT.

MiLesDeWeb not be liable for delays or other problems in the domain registry service caused by any failure, event, fault, maintenance (scheduled or not) in the Domain Registration System.. 


MiLesDeWeb register the domain name provided to the first request from a client through our website. In case the customer fails to make payment in the next few hours, the domain is available for you to register another person.


Domain Renewal will be notified in advance of the due date. After 10 days from the date of maturity, MiLesDeWeb not responsible in any way by the loss of the domain (s).

It is the sole responsibility of Customer to maintain their current contact information is NOT responsible for MiLesDeWeb if renewal notices are not received because the client has not updated their contact email.


MiLesDeWeb maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding the sending of unsolicited emails.

MiLesDeWeb suspend or remove the domain client who violates this policy.

The CLIENT agrees not to transmit unsolicited advertising through email or other service MiLesDeWeb hired or through any other service provider.

Failure of these points will lead to immediate suspension without notice and subsequent elimination of contracted services.


The customers who register a domain name through MiLesDeWeb is the legal owner of the domain and any search for the Internet domain master data show, these being the customer data.

The Customer may request that their data remains protected (hidden) but you must register with authentic data.

The CLIENT has the freedom to manage, update and transfer your domain at all times that is active.


MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to make changes in the characteristics and prices of domains offered without any warning, the same to be published on our website.


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