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Agreements the terms of reference of the service, held between MilesDeWeb.Com and the customer who filled out and sent the purchase request form and have read this document. The services included herein are Shared Hosting Reseller Hosting Linux. If you also will record or just buy a domain, please also read the General Conditions of Domain Name Registration.

The use of contracted services implies acceptance of each and every one of the following conditions:


You can order through our website, however, only reviewed and Configure the Client's account after receiving the payment for the service (s) and previously analyzed your order / payment in the event of fraud. Customer is responsible for providing a valid email address and that is not the domain you are registering. MiLesDeWeb communicates with the client via e-mail address with which he entered when ordering.


You agree that you are obliged to subscribe to our site as a customer with true information and to subscribe to fraudulent contact information could result in termination of your account.

CLIENT is also responsible to ensure that the e-mail contact is provided as current and updated at all times.

MiLesDeWeb not be liable in any way upon the occurrence of various kinds of trouble because the contact information provided by the Customer obsolete. If you are a customer and need to check or change this information, please contact our sales department.

Data provided by the client are protected. See Data Protection Policy of MiLesDeWeb.


CLIENT agrees that payment for the services will be held before the creation of the service. Likewise, the following payments shall be made according to the frequency chosen at the time of contracting the service, such period may also be changed by the customer.

In case of default on payment for the renewal of a service, MiLesDeWeb proceed to discontinue service on the day of expiration and reserves the right to terminate the service at the time you see fit. Customer is responsible for notifying our sales team via email, after paying the renewal of a service.

Payment of services is always in advance.

Customer will have up to 1 day even for payment after the renewal date of your hosting plan or plans. Given the non-payment to the days of the due date, service will be suspended in final form with the corresponding elimination of all information hosted on the server by the client.

MiLesDeWeb not responsible in any way by eliminating the damage it could cause the client or third parties.


All MilesDeWeb.Com services may be used by the client or for commercial purposes and freely available as it deems appropriate, provided it complies with the rules and laws, and are solely responsible for any use which gives his account and the content that you post.

MiLesDeWeb contracted services must be used solely for lawful purposes. It is strictly forbidden to use any of the contracted services that violate any applicable local, national or international.

The customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from any claim MilesDeWeb resulting from use of our services. MilesDeWeb.Com is not in any way responsible for the use the "Customer" can give yourself.

It is strictly forbidden to publish, link or material in the space provided on the following:

  • Material that violates local laws and rules and laws regarding copyright and intellectual property.
  • Posting material and content products and unlicensed software (software piracy), hackers and crackers products or any other information deemed inappropriate MiLesDeWeb
  • Obscene content related to child abuse, pornography which directly involve minors, or linking to child pornography will be suspended immediately without notice.
  • Disseminate or transmit any unlawful, abusive, defamatory, racist, offensive, or any other information likely to object, either through photographs, text, banner ads or links to external sites.
  • Any means of transmission, transmission, publication of computer viruses, worms or any media that violates the security of other systems.
  • Publications in order to defame, attack or harm the image of natural or legal persons even outside of Peru.
  • Anything that involves fraud (eg: Phishing) or economic loss to natural or legal persons even outside of Peru.
  • Use of software or any computer code or script that good or bad faith consume excessive system resources or excess consumption of server resources or memory of them.
  • Topsites, IRC Scripts / Bots Proxy Scripts / Anonymizers.
  • Image Hosting Scripts (similar to Photobucket or tinypic).
  • So special / PTC / PTS / PPC sites.
  • IP Scanner
  • Brute Force Programs / Scripts / Applications
  • Mail Bombers / Spam Scripts
  • Dump File / Mirror Scripts (similar to rapidshare)
  • Commercial Audio Streaming (more than one or two streams)
  • Escrow / Bank Obligations
  • High Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or related sites
  • Investment sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Second Life / Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM / Pyramid Scheme)
  • Sale of any controlled substance without prior proof of appropriate permit (s)
  • Prime Banks Programs
  • Lottery Sites MUDs / RPGs / PBBGs
  • Sites promoting illegal activities.
  • Forums and / or websites that distribute or link to warez / pirated or illegal content.
  • Bank Obligations Bank obligations of Commerce Programs Fraudulent Sites (including but not limited to sites listed in aa419.org and warranty for fraud.com)
  • Mailer Pro

Unacceptable material on all Dedicated Servers:

  • IRCD (irc servers)
  • IRC Scripts / Bots
  • Pirated software / Warez
  • IP Scanners
  • Bruteforce Programs / Scripts / Applications
  • Mail Bombers / spam Scripts
  • Escrow
  • Internet sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Second Life / Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM / Pyramid Scheme)
  • Sale of any controlled substance without prior proof of appropriate permit (s)
  • Prime Banks Programs
  • Lottery / gambling sites
  • Sites geared to the racism / hate / Harassment
  • Hacker - sites / archives / programs
  • Sites promoting illegal activities
  • Forums and / or websites that distribute or link to warez / pirated / illegal content
  • Bank Obligations Bank obligations of Commerce Programs Fraudulent Sites (including but not limited to sites listed in aa419.org and warranty for fraud.com)
  • Mailer Pro

The violation by the CLIENT or his staff, any of the prohibitions mentioned above will be grounds for termination by agreement MilesDeWeb.Com, service delivery and immediate account cancellation without prior notice and without right to rebate. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Any material that, in our opinion, is obscene, threatening, unlawful, or violates our terms of service in any manner may be removed from our servers with or without notice.

Reseller, Distributor: we will suspend the site in question and notify you so you can finish it. More than one Violation of these types can result in immediate termination of your account.

Direct customers: Your services will be terminated with or without notice.

The lack of response by the Customer or Reseller (distributor) to any e-mail notification will be interpreted as a lack of interest and MiLesDeWeb proceed with the suspension or elimination of services depending on the severity of the case. Also depending on the severity of the (s) need (s): MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Service without notice to the CLIENT.

The CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold MiLesDeWeb beyond any legal obligation in relation to the use of services.

It is your responsibility to ensure that scripts / programs installed under your account are secure. Users are ultimately responsible for all actions taken under their account.


CUSTOMER will pay for the service of their choice in the bank account or via paypal, the full amount indicated on the website and within (7) business days after shipment of the order form. "Customer" agrees to provide their details: Name, address, telephone and others in the order form, stating that all data correspond to their true and give notice of any change in them. MilesDeWeb guarantees repayment of the amount paid by the Customer, within five (5) first days of purchase, if for any reason dissatisfied with the service provided. After the first (5) days shall not return or refund unless the service is permanently suspended or terminated before the end of the term of the annual service and in such case, the return will be in proportion to the period ( monthly) not used. In case of disqualification of the account by any of the prohibitions listed in "Contents and uses," shall not return the amount paid.

The CLIENT is aware that the hosting service is provided through servers in the U.S., with technology provided by the supplier of USA origin and conditions of use and own laws written in English language, for which the client also accepts the terms and conditions of the supplier of origin, they are an integral part of this contract.


In the case of hosting accounts you have Execute permissions, the client can install and run the scripts you see fit.

However: The customer is responsible to ensure that scripts / programs installed under your account are safe, correctly set the permissions on the directories and is committed to using strong passwords.

However, MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to disable any script or software installed by the CLIENT that affects the normal operation of servers and harm to other clients that host these sites, without notice to the CUSTOMER


CLIENT agrees that do not allow Web sites whose primary purpose is file distribution (eg, photo galleries, MP3, libraries loss programs, etc.).

In all hosting services provided by each site MiLesDeWeb and Hosted by the Customer will be considered on a case by case basis to determine the possibility of accommodation for staff MiLesDeWeb. A site may be considered of "file sharing", when over 20% of its content, is dedicated to files for distribution (whatever its nature).


MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to refuse or cancel the services contracted by the Customer with or without notice if You engage in any conduct or activity that MiLesDeWeb considered abuse or violation of any of the terms, rules and conditions herein, with or without notice and any liability for the consequences that may result because of this.

We reserve the right to refuse service. Any material that, in our opinion, is obscene, threatening, illegal, or violates our terms of service in any manner may be removed from our servers with or without notice.

For web hosting accounts, MilesDeWeb offers a warranty of 20 days and the Customer may request and effectuate the reimbursement amount paid long MiLesDeWeb demonstrating that the service has failed partially or completely in any of the features or services offered on our website, the payment by the customer will not be reimbursed for any other reason.

Some operations are considered high risk (such as the acquisition of a dedicated server) or irreversible (such as registration of a domain) so the CLIENT agrees that we MiLesDeWeb NO warranty period or refunds are effective for services: Dedicated Servers , VPS Servers, Domain Name Registration and Installation of custom software.


The CLIENT agrees not to use 22% or more of system resources for longer than 90 seconds. You should be aware that there are many CGI scripts on the type, FTP, PHP, HTTP, etc.. that can cause this type of problem.

The client will not implement any application such as "interactive chat" in real time require server resources. Similar services are hosted remotely but if they are accepted.

For hosting services (including hosting Reseller) the client will not implement any kind of bot (spider web) or indexer.

The CLIENT will not run any software that interacts with IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

The CLIENT will not run any bit torrent application rate, tracker, or client. The CLIENT may link bit torrents (legal) but not hosting on Web Hosting services (including Reseller Hosting).

The CLIENT agrees that it is not allowed in our services activities "file-sharing" (such as a peer-to-peer)

The CLIENT will not run scheduled tasks (cron jobs) with intervals of less than 20 (twenty) minutes.


CLIENT agrees that the use of installed programs from our cPanel or programs that are installed externally, involves technical knowledge about the type of connections to data bases. These connections must be unfailingly kind of "connect", banning the type "pconnect". Staff will review technical area MiLesDeWeb often this type of connections. Verifying that the user is performing this type of connection, MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to terminate your service without notice. The rehabilitation service will analyze MiLesDeWeb as appropriate, may impose fines for the renewal or permanent suspension, according to the severity of the case. We clarify that the type of connections called "persistent" (pconnect) increases abruptly server resources, jeopardizing service to other users. Recommend technical advice for the proper use of these applications.


MiLesDeWeb not responsible for loss of data on the server caused by users, failures in our system or updates on our servers.

Customer is responsible for maintaining a backup (backup) of the site and all information stored on servers MiLesDeWeb. This includes the entire mail system.

Customer information is considered 100% of what it has been uploaded to the server and so use the same system has been generated as a result of running on the server scripts (scripts, databases, emails, images, etc.). . if situations arise MiLesDeWeb Customer request to retrieve information and other content from their sites again be operational. MiLesDeWeb offered to advise the client about the policies of backups or backups that best meet their needs. (This depending on the type of information or data stored on MiLesDeWeb)

Shared Hosting Service: As part of shared hosting services daily backups, however, MiLesDeWeb under no circumstances shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages in connection with the loss of information. MiLesDeWeb not be subject to any legal obligation in relation to the use of our service.


MilesDeWeb not responsible for delays in domain registrations and DNS transfers caused by third parties or the Customer.


All hosting plans include a certain amount of monthly transfer.

If the customer exceeds the transfer limit will be advised on its web site. If a site exceeds frequently used in traffic, the Customer may request an extension to another plan that provides for a more high transfer rate and prevent possible blocking of the web service. This is because MiLesDeWeb not make plan changes automatically as this directly affects customer billing.


MilesDeWeb.Com seek to maintain all systems in good condition to ensure the greatest possible stability in the start line of the contents of "The Client". Our service provides a 99.9% certainty of operations through backup systems and connection to our Data Center and the networks of different suppliers. However, it is possible that the system may suffer cuts or unexpected failures or force majeure and / or contingencies arising from the use of the Internet, so MilesDeWeb.Com not responsible for any costs or damage of any kind or other loss caused, arising directly or indirectly from the failure or outage. If necessary correct the court service for more than 14 consecutive days, may, at the option of MilesDeWeb, transfer accounts to other servers in our company or third parties. As a precaution to any unexpected, "The Client" should perform their own backups (backup) of their Web content and data, as it deems appropriate. Additionally, provide a tool in the control panel to perform backup operations.

The domain DNS propagation MilesDeWeb not registered, it will be the sole responsibility of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your domain provider. MileDeWeb not be held responsible for delays or failures in the propagation of DNS of your domain. If a problem occurs, the customer can verify that your service is working and is only problem domain and hosting service or server.


MilesDeWeb service will provide online support to all its customers to address any concerns about the service, the same as may be required via MSN or email. The support provided to our customers is solely and exclusively to solve problems, questions or concerns related to the use of Web hosting and Reseller Hosting, so they do not take questions about scripts or external problems or other reasons, not unless it is signed into further.


MilesDeWeb not responsible for the receipt of emails sent to free email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and similar policies because of restrictions of mail, these services remain.


MiLesDeWeb maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding the sending of unsolicited emails.

MiLesDeWeb canceled or hosting services from all clients who violated this policy, without notice and shall not return the money stated in the terms of trade, without prejudice to the application of existing provisions on advertising in trade and consumer protection . To this end each email account will have a maximum number of Relays per day. The CLIENT agrees to pay for total damage MilesDeWeb the sum of ($ 1) per email spam or unsolicited email transmitted or connected through hosting account provided.

The CLIENT agrees not to transmit unsolicited advertising through email or other service MiLesDeWeb hired or through any other service provider.


MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to make changes in the characteristics and prices of the plans and / or services offered without any warning, the same to be published on our website.


Our transfers team will make every effort to help you move your site to us. However, transfers are a courtesy service and can not make guarantees about the availability, possibility, or time required to complete an account transfer. Each hosting company is configured differently, and some hosting platforms save data in an incompatible or proprietary format, which can make it difficult if not impossible to migrate some or all account data. We will do our best.

Free transfer services are available for 30 days from the date of purchase of service. Transfers out of the 30 days free period will incur a charge, please contact a member of the support department with specific details to receive a price quote.


Any shared account using more than 20 gigabytes of disk space will be removed from our site, outside the weekly backup, with the exception of ongoing database for backup. All data will be reflected on a secondary drive which helps protect against data loss in case of disk failure.


Resellers (Resellers) are responsible for supporting their clients. MiLesDeWeb does not support the customers of our resellers. All support requests must be made by the Reseller (reseller) on behalf of its clients for security purposes. Resellers are also responsible for all content stored or transmitted under your account Reseller and actions of their clients. MiLesDeWeb take action if any customer of Reseller violates the law or the terms of service.


MiLesDeWeb may disclose any subscriber information to law enforcement agencies without further consent or notification to the subscriber upon lawful request from such agencies. We will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies.


MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to reset the password on a dedicated server if the password file is not current so we can do security audits as required in data centers. It is your responsibility to ensure that a valid email address and root password on file with the dedicated server to avoid downtime forced password resets. MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to audit servers as needed and to perform administrative actions at the request of our data centers. Dedicated servers are not supported by us and the customer's responsibility to maintain backups or have a solution for this. You can buy an additional hard drive and maintain backups. Please contact if you wish to info@milesdeweb.com a secondary hard drive. It is your responsibility to keep backups.


MiLesDeWeb reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.


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